Air Fryer Cookbooks – Expand Your Horizons

So, you have decided on an Air Fryer and now your’e ready to find out how much you can actually do with it. Perhaps you already own an Air Fryer and your’e ready for some new recipes. Luckily for us all, there are several great Air Fryer cookbooks on the market right now! 

There are so many fantastic new dishes to try. Discover several styles you can use with your Air Fryer that will expand your menu as well. You can explore them all with any of these Air Fryer cookbooks, which are written specifically for your Air Fryer.

Of course, there are recipes and resources all over the web, but there’s nothing like having a book full of recipes right at your finger tips. Below you will find several high quality Air Fryer cookbooks.

Just click on the picture and you will be taken straight to Amazon where you can take a look inside the book and make a purchase. Remember, it’s never a bad time to try a new recipe…it might just become one of your new favorites!

If You are still on the fence about purchasing an Air Fryer,  I’d be happy to help you fine one that meets all of your needs. Check out The Top 5 Air Fryers. 

Air Fryer Cookbooks

                            Created by The Blue Jean Chef, Meredith Laurence, Air Fry Everything!offers over 130 recipes! 

One of the best selling and highest reviewed Air Fryer cookbooks on Amazon. You will find recipes that make full use of the capabilities of your Air Fryer.

 Air Fry Everything

Good Ole Paula Deen’s Air Fryer Cookbook, featuring such recipes as Cajun chicken fries, bacon-wrapped onion rings, Asian whole roasted chicken, and bbq pork roast.

Paula Deen is well known for her southern brand of cooking. Inside this book, she’ll show you how to bring some southern flare to your Air Fryer. Bacon…Wrapped…Onion Rings..Need I say more?

paula deen air fryer

  Roy Fisher’s Air Fryer Cookbook features 530 recipes for your favorite appliance!

You’ll find everything in this grand cookbook, from egg rolls to coconut cake!

the ease and simplicity of your favorite appliance with the added benefit of total-body nutrition.

You have made a choice to eat healthier. Take it to the next level with this cookbook focused on healthy recipes for your Air Fryer.

healthy air fryer cookbook

   Air frying connoisseur and cookbook author Linda Larsen has collected her favorite recipes in The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook to turn your air fryer into an all-purpose cooking machine!air fryer cookbooks



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