Do Air Fryers Use Radiation?

Do Air Fryers Use Radiation to cook food? Let’s find out in this article. 

do air fryers use radiation

Do Air Fryers Use Radiation?

Air Fryers are all the buzz lately, and for good reason. The promise of healthier fried food is difficult to resist. But that doesn’t mean much if the technology used is questionable or even dangerous to yourself and your family.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve had a lot of cooking experience with Air Fryers. I have used several different models and brands. I’m happy to tell you that no, Air Fryers do not use radiation to cook food. 

Even though Air Fryers are a relatively new appliance, they actually use a very conventional means of cooking your food. Air Fryers are also extremely safe for use in the home. I’d be happy quickly answer some of the questions you might have about Air Fryers.

do air fryers use radiation

If Air Fryers Don’t Use Radiation, How Do They Cook Food?

If you’ve ever seen an electric stove top coil, then you know exactly what Air Fryers use to produce heat! The air inside the Air Fryer is quickly heated up to 400 degrees by a powerful stainless steel heating element. The hot air is simultaneously circulated around your food by a powerful fan.

Air Fryers use a basket very similar to a deep fryer’s basket that allows air to circulate completely around your food all at once. This rapid circulation of hot air is how Air Fryers can cook food quickly and evenly, without the use of microwaves.

The air that is used for cooking is forced through an exhaust chamber and is cooled before exiting the back of the machine. That’s pretty  much it…no mysterious radiation or microwaves, just a new idea using conventional technology.

Is an Air Fryer Safe for my Kids to Use?do air fryers use radiation

So, Air Fryers may not use radiation, but are they safe enough for the whole family to use? Air Fryers are extremely simple to use. Most Air Fryers have an automatic shut off after the cooking timer has expired. This is a great safety feature for everyone, as we all have times of forgetfulness! 

Air Fryers also automatically shut off after the basket is pulled out, and start back up after the basket is put back in. 

While most Air Fryers do feature cool-to-the-touch exteriors and insulated pan handles, there are some surfaces on the inside that get very hot while cooking. During normal cooking procedures, you should never have to risk touching these surfaces. If your food must be lifted out of the basket instead of being dumped out, tongs can be safely used.

While the bottom of the Air Fryer doesn’t get hot, the pan itself does. When the pan is pulled out, it should not be placed on anything that might easily catch fire or melt such as a paper or plastic plate.

Of course, it’s up to the owner to decide whether they feel that their kids may be mature and responsible enough to use an Air Fryer. Myself, I would feel comfortable allowing my children 12 and up to use an Air Fryer, after a conversation of the basic do’s and don’ts of course.

are air fryers safe for children


Now That I Know That Air Fryers are Safe, Do They Actually Work?

Air Fryers are advertised as being able to fry food with little to no oil. For the most part, this is true. You can fry all kinds of dry battered foods in the Air Fryer while only using a little bit of oil sprayed on. This results in fried food with much less fat and fewer calories. Air Fryers also do a great job of cooking frozen foods, like french fries, fish, or chicken tenders.

Not only do Air Fryers fry food, but you can grill and bake with them as well. You can cook anything from Chicken and Veggie Kabobs to Cake and Cookies in the Air Fryer!

The only thing Air Fryers really don’t do well with is wet batters. If you’re looking to fry up some beer battered onion rings or fish, you’ll be better served with a deep fryer for that purpose.

Finishing Up Do Air Fryers Use Radiation

Alright, that’s all of your time I’m going to take up for now, but if you’re interested in learning more about Air Fryers, you’ve come to the right place. You can find out what you can cook with an Air Fryer or check out some of the best Air Fryers on the market. 

If you have any questions about Air Fryers at all, please feel free to ask, and I’ll get right back to you. Thanks for visiting the Air Fryer Guide!

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