Philips Airfryer HD9220 Accessories

So you’re the proud owner of a shiny new Philips HD9220, congratulations! You should know that Philips has their own line of high quality accessories. Check out the philips airfryer hd9220 accessories.

Philip’s accessory line may be a little more expensive than the generic offerings out there, but it’s nice to know that your accessories are made with the same care and quality as your Airfryer itself. 

Without further adieu, here is a list of the best Philips Airfryer HD9220 Amazon has to offer. 

Philips Airfryer hd9220 Accessories

Fry/Grill Pan

One of the best accessories available for your Philips Airfryer is the Frying/Grill attachment. It lifts your food just enough to allow proper air flow when grilling and frying. Just imagine how nice your burgers will come out in this thing! 

philips airfryer hd9220 accessories

Philips Grill Rack

The grill rack makes it possible to cook more food in your Philips Airfryer by creating 2 layers in the basket. Imagine cooking chicken on the top and french fries in the bottom! It comes with a set of skewers to make kabobs with. 

philips airfryer grill rack

Philips Baking Dish 

The Philips baking dish allows you to bake foods like brownies or small cakes. You can even whip up some homemade dough and make a little pizza in there!

Keep in mind that this dish is a little small because there has to be enough room for the hot air in your Airfryer to completely circulate around the dish. Regardless, being able to bake in your Airfryer opens up a world of exciting possibilities! 

philips airfryer baking dish

Generic Accessory Set

This set of accessories isn’t made by Philips, but it is made for the same rough size as the Philips HD9220 and should work out well for you. 

This 5 piece set includes a deep cake pan, a pizza pan, a metal holder, a multipurpose grill rack with skewers, and a silicone mat. Pretty sweet deal that will diversify your Air Fryer in a hurry! 

air fryer accessories

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