Should I Buy An Air Fryer, and Which One?

Have you been seeing Air Fryers all over the place lately? Maybe you’re asking yourself, “should I buy an Air Fryer?” In this article, I’m going to try to help you find out if an Air Fryer would be a good buy for you! 

should i buy an air fryer


There is a ton of buzz surrounding Air Fryers lately. Maybe you’ve seen them on the store shelves more often lately. Perhaps your friends might be talking about them now and then. Well, for whatever reason, you’re curious about buying one. The Air Fryer Guide is here to help!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bogus information out there regarding Air Fryers. I’ve seen many articles written by reviewers who just took their Air Fryer out of the box and have no idea how to use it. 

I’ve been cooking extensively with my Air Fryers for years now. On the other hand, I understand that an Air Fryer may not be a great buy for everyone. I’d be happy to share my experience with you in the hopes of  helping you answer your question, “Should I Buy an Air Fryer?”. air fryer burger

Should I Buy an Air Fryer?

In all honesty, I love my Air Fryers. I have two of them now, an Avalon Bay 3.7quart and a DeLonghi MultiFry. I really do use them around 3-4 days a week for everything from heating up leftovers to trying out exciting new recipes.

But, Air Fryers may not be for everyone. If you’re trying to decide if you would really get a lot of use out of an Air Fryer, you might want to ask yourself a few questions. 

  • Do I like the kind of food that you would normally cook in an Air Fryer, like fries, chicken wings, fish, shrimp, small steaks, etc?
  • Would I use an Air Fryer for reheating leftovers or quick frozen snacks like pizza rolls, french fries, or chicken nuggets? 
  • Would I like a healthier way of cooking food than I would normally get at a restaurant or cook in a deep fryer or a microwave?
  • Do I prepare a lot of smaller meals for 1 to 4 people? Air Fryers are somewhat limited in cooking capacity. 

Did you answer yes to 3 or 4 of these questions? Well, I think you would definitely get a lot of use out of an Air Fryer! In this article, We’ll take a look at these questions a little deeper. We’ll also take a quick look at some other advantages of the Air Fryer.  

If you’re pressed for time or just not into reading, have no fear my friend! You can check out our guide to the Best Air Fryers for 2018.

should i buy an air fryer

How The Heck Do Air Fryers Work Anyway?

There’s a reason why Air Fryers have stayed popular since they first started showing up in stores a few years ago – They Work! But how exactly do Air Fryers work? Should I buy an Air Fryer?

Air Fryers use a powerful stainless steel heating element (just like the one on an electric stove) to  quickly heat the Air inside of the unit. A powerful fan rapidly circulates the hot air around all surfaces of the food inside of the fryer basket. This is what is referred to as “Rapid Air Circulation” in Air Fryers. 

Put simply, Air Fryers are completely safe to use, and healthier than a deep fryer or microwave. 

A Healthier Way to Fry

Because only hot air is used to cook your food, Air Fryers can cook some of your favorite fried foods with much less oil. How much less? Up to 80% less oil than in deep fryer in fact. That means fewer calories and much less fat when cooking your fried food favorites, like french fries, chicken wings, fish, and shrimp. 

Air Fryers also do a great job of quickly heating up leftovers or quick snacks for the kids. My microwave has been collecting dust since my Air Fryer moved in, which is okay with me. Who knows what’s actually going on with my food while it’s getting zapped by microwaves! 

You can check out some great practical recipes in our article, What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer, 10 Fast and Easy Recipes. If you would like to actually see an Air Fryer in action, check out my Air Frying friend Boog on youtube. She does amazing things with an Air Fryer! You can see exactly how to batter your own Fried Chicken and cook it up in the Air Fryer. 


Are Air Fryers Easy to Use?

Air Fryers are very simple to use. In general, cooking with an Air Fryer is much like cooking with a traditional oven. With an Air Fryer with analog dials, all you have to do is choose your temperature, and then the set the timer. Should I buy an Air Fryer?

Most of the newer Air Fryers feature digital touch screen controls so you can clearly see the temperature and how much time is left on the timer. Also, there are one touch cooking patterns for many of the most common foods like french fries and chicken wings. 

It’s only a matter of choice whether you prefer the simplicity of the analog dials or the more featured digital controls. The Air Fryer will operate in basically the same way. 

Safety Firstsafety air fryer

Air Fryers feature some really smart safety features that make them extremely safe to use. The Air Fryer automatically shuts off when the timer is finished. You don’t need to worry about you or a loved one forgetting to shut the power off after the food is cooked. Should I buy an Air Fryer?

The Air Fryer also automatically shuts off if the basket is pulled out, and turns back on when it is reinserted. You don’t have to worry about resetting your Air Fryer after you check the status of your food. 

Air Fryers use extremely hot air to cook your food, but the outside stays safe and cool (well, maybe warm) to the touch. The pan which holds the basket features an insulated handle so there’s no danger of burn when you pull it out. The only part of the Air Fryer you have to watch out for is the basket itself. Thankfully, there’s no reason you should ever have to touch it. 

What about the hot air that is used for cooking? Air Fryers are designed with an internal cooling and exhaust unit. The hot air used for cooking is fed into the exhaust chamber where it is cooled and then forced out of the back of the machine by a fan. You should leave enough space behind your Air Fryer for this air to safely exit the Air Fryer. 

All of these safety features really make Air Fryers extremely safe for you and your family. 

How Many People Are You Cooking For? 

If there is one drawback to Air Fryers, it’s that they are somewhat limited in size. The good news is that there are different sizes available to fit your needs. Should I buy an Air Fryer?

The standard size of an Air Fryer is 3.7quarts. You can expect to cook enough food for 2-3 people with an Air Fryer this size. 

If you’re looking to cook for 4-5 people at a time, you should look into the 5.7quart models or larger. You can even cook small turkeys or hens in some of these larger Air Fryers! If you are interested in looking at some of the larger Air Fryers, we have a list of The Top 5 Large Air Fryers for you to check out!

air fryer cooking

How Much Should I Pay For An Air Fryer? 

When Air Fryers first came out, there were only a few models available and they were relatively expensive. Today, everyone seems to be making one! As you might expect, there are some less than reputable companies trying to make a buck by selling Air Fryers at extremely cheap prices. 

The good news is that there are a lot of really high quality Air Fryers out there at very reasonable prices. You should expect to pay between $80-200 depending on the features you want. Some of the more expensive Air Fryers like the DeLonghi MultiFry do things that other Air Fryers just don’t do. 

If you would like to check out some of the best reviewed and trusted Air Fryers on Amazon, we have a new list for the Best Air Fryers of 2018. 

Wrapping It All Up

I hope you were able to find some answers to your questions. If you do decide that an Air Fryer is right for your home, I’d be happy to help you pick one out that will fit your needs. You can check out some of the best Air Fryers on Amazon here. If you want a personal recommendation, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll get right back to you! 

Thanks for checking out the Air Fryer Guide. If you hear your friends asking about Air Fryers, send them on over! Have a good one my friend. Should I buy an Air Fryer?

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